Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

Trout bites on fire!:

Water Temps are perfect for a great trout fishing charters. Recently we have been experiencing the biggest negative low tides of the winter causing these fish to bunch up in the creek mouths, drop off in pot holes and edges of flats in search of food source and warmer water. Trout are great table fair and with a limit of 4 per person and 1 over 20 inch’s it can make a great meat trip.

Trout fishing charters:

The water temp’s are not quite cool enough for bait to leave the flats for the winter yet. Although bait is getting a little tougher to catch in the mornings its still catchable. Green backs have been the bait of choice. When the trout get chewing throwing an artificial in the mix won’t slow them down. A D.O.A shad tail on a 1/8th ounce jig head, jig off the bottom, D.O.A shrimp on a cajun thunder popping cork, a mirro-lure lil jon also does the job. As far as hard baits, mirrodine’s and top water plugs first thing in the morning are key.

About the trout:

Found inshore/nearshore in highly dense seagrass area’s, mangrove shorelines, deep holes, creeks, oyster bars  and troughs. spawning typically occurs between March-November. Common in the the 1-4 pound range, 12-22 inch’s. Trout over 20 inch’s are typically considered gator trout.


Trout Recipes:

One of my favorite saltwater fish to eat! Fashioning a sheet of aluminum foil lay the skin side down on the grill, seasoned with ole bay and Italian dressing, cooked on low heat for around 7 mins. Once done a little bit of lemon juice and butter cover for 30 seconds and ready to eat!

Outback Bowl:

If your in Tampa for the outback bowl and looking for something to do in the Tampa area consider hiring a licensed charter captain to experience a day on Tampa bay. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Mackerel, many other species to catch and plenty of sites to see! We commonly see, dolphins, manatee’s, stingrays and many others!


To go fishing or site seeing give Capt Jake a call or text 813-997-5980