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Tampa Fishing Charters BOOK NOW!

Tampa Fishing Charters Report  12/7/15


The lower water temps have the fish eating well on recent Tampa Fishing Charters and they are less than picky. Readily eating artificals, and plenty of bait still around to catch them on live bait as well. Greenbacks are on the flats and easily caught with around 6 casts.

Tampa Bay Snook and redfish

Snook and Redfish have been in their normal winter and fall patterns.  We are Finding more fish in the backcountry, canals, creeks and rivers. As the water gets cooler in search for more comfortable warmer water. The snook bite has been the best with most of them between 20-26 inch’s, with the occasional over slot snook. Over slot snook can be a challenge to catch. They rip drag, make hard runs, and seem to always bite when you least expect it, as your weeding through the smaller snook. If you can gain control over the fish quick enough and keep it out of the structure you got through the hardest part which makes your chances at a trophy snook much greater.


The redfish bite is steady. Up the rivers and creeks where the water is warmer, most of the redfish caught lately have been mixed in with the snook. Mainly feeding on cut bait, pinfish and greenbacks. Once set up on the area I’m fishing i will put out a spread of baits to get the action started and slowly start adding pinfish and cut bait into the mix. The snook bite stays steady to keep the action going and the redfish start to trickle in right with them averaging 6-12 redfish per trip ranging from 18-30 inch’s. Some redfish schools are popping up around middle and upper Tampa Bay. If the redfish schools coroporate you will be in for a fight, in this case the numbers are often much greater.


Trout are in deep holes, creek mouths, and on the deep edges of the flats feeding towards the middle and end of the tides. Most fish ranging from the 14-18 inch range with the occasional fish over the 20 inch mark. A great fighting fish and excellent to eat. Regulations allow 4 per harvest per day, more than 15 inch’s and 1 fish over 20 inch’s included in bag limit. Ia always encourage anglers to harvest responsibly and to next take more than you need.

To review Florida /fishing regulations visit the /FWC website


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