Winter time Tampa fishing charters is in full swing

Winter time Tampa fishing charters is in full swing

Down Town Tampa Bay 2/8/17

Tampa fishing charters:

Down town Tampa Bay has great scenery and awesome fishing. In the winter time we often go out of Ricks on the river on the Hillsborough river and a quick boat ride down river to some fantastic fishing.

Sheepshead fishing:

Sheepshead fishing is popular in the winter time in Tampa Bay, plenty of rocky shorelines, docks, and a lot of structure that these fish thrive on. Shrimp on a 1/8th ounce jig head. On the bottom is what we have been using to get these fish to eat. Ranging anywhere from 10-20 inch’s they are a great fighting fish and even better to eat.

Sheepshead are not the only fish we catch in the winter. Blackdrum, redfish, and trout are also common catch’s in the down town area of tampa bay. Most of our winter time black drum that are caught we catch while fishing for sheepshead! Its not un common for a number of black drum to come through, with fish ranging from 3-10 pounds.

Tampa Fishing Charters:

Fishing around the warm water discharges around some of tampa bays power plants in the winter time is excellent fishing! Gator trout, pompano, redfish, sharks, cobia, the list goes on! The power plants warm water discharge make’s the water quite a bit warmer then the rest of the water in the bay in the winter time when water temps are nearing the lower 60’s the water around the power plants can be 10-15 degree’s warmer. Its pretty much a guarantee that your going to see manatee’s by the dozen, dolphins, osprey’s and other wildlife while fishing this estuary.


Ricks on the river:

Established in 1994 and open 365 days a year, is an awesome bar, grill, marina right on the hillsborough river. Great food and not hard on the wallet this is where i run a number of my fishing charters out of in the winter months. The scenery in down town Tampa is excellent, sky scrapers, river walks, and an occassional alligator is some of the sights that are often seen while driving through the no wake zones up and down the hillsborough river.

To experience winter time fishing in Tampa Bay give captain Jake a call or text at 813-997-5980


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